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It’s ’ludicrous’ to call transport strike a ‘rebellion,’ lawyers tell Duterte

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REPLAY: Sen. Trillanes’ privilege speech

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39 countries worry about killings, climate of impunity in Philippines

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Taiwan denies Duterte claim it is a source of drugs

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AMLC’s bank records on Duterte show P1-B flow of money – Ombudsman

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Duterte signals Zamora’s PT&T as third player in telco industry

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Ombudsman probes Duterte family’s wealth

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Poe urges public to complain vs bad telco and internet service

Senator Grace Poe urged the public on Sunday to air their complaints against the poor service of telecommunications companies (telcos) in the country.

“We deserve good telco service, kaya’t i-share na ang inyong karanasan sa serbisyo ng text, call at internet ninyo (so I urge you to share your experiences on text, call and internet services),” Poe, chair of the Senate committee on public information and mass media, posted on her social media accounts.


The post was instantly viewed and shared by social media users, and generated comments about the inadequate service of the country’s telcos. The complaints of netizens were slow internet service, poor connection, dropped calls, exorbitant charges, and disappearing load, among others.

“It’s a pity hearing the same old complaints about speed, affordability and coverage in the age of fast technology,” the senator said in a statement.

“As a consumer, I can very much relate, and so our united call to the telecommunications companies is to give us our money’s worth and improve your services,” she added.

Despite little or no improvement in their service, Poe said telcos have been raising rates and using creative marketing strategies in guise of promotions.

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Lacson (NOT Duterte) bares names of ‘corrupt’ Customs officials led by Faeldon

‘Very credible list’

Lacson said that when the issue of bribery at the BOC again made headlines because of the P6.4-billion shabu shipment smuggled from China, he began receiving information on the so-called “tara” list of the BOC. (READ: TIMELINE: How P6.4B worth of shabu was smuggled into PH from China)

“We carefully vetted and cross-matched each and every information to come up with an objectively filtered and detailed list of who and how much each office or official in the Bureau collects per container per day,” Lacson said.

The senator said it was “almost an easy job to come up with a very credible ‘tara’ list,” as the documents and lists of those receiving bribes “almost had the same names of the Customs officials and offices involved, bagmen, and operators.”

Lacson named the following as alleged bribe takers in the BOC:

  1. Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon
  2. Deputy Commissioner Teddy Raval – Intelligence Group (IG)
  3. Deputy Commissioner Ariel Nepomuceno – Enforcement Group (EG)
  4. Deputy Commissioner Gerardo Gambala – Command Center
  5. Deputy Commissioner Natalio Ecarma III – Revenue Collection Monitoring Group (RCMG)
  6. Deputy Commissioner Edward James Dy Buco – Assessment and Operations Coordination Group (AOCG)
  7. Director Neil Estrella – Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service (CIIS), and alleged to also collect for the Office of the Commissioner (OCOMM) together with Chris Bolastig
  8. Atty Zsae de Guzman – Chief, Intellectual Property Rights Division
  9. Atty Larribert Hilario – Risk Management Office (RMO)
  10. Joel Pinawin – Officer-in-Charge, Intelligence Division (one of the alleged collectors of Director Estrella)
  11. Director Milo Maestrecampo – Import and Assessment Service (IAS)
  12. Atty Grace Malabed – Acting Chief, Account Management Office (AMO)
  13. Atty Alvin Ebreo – Director, Legal Service under RCMG
  14. All section heads, appraisers, and examiners – Formal Entry Division in both the Manila International Container Port (MICP) and Port of Manila (POM)
  15. Athena Dans – Informal Entry Division, MICP
  16. All section heads, appraisers, and examiners – Informal Entry Division, POM
  17. MICP and POM Sections 1, 9, 10, & 15 Chief Appraiser and Examiner

He said the following district collectors/officers were also mentioned, based on the information he received:

  1. Collector Jet Maronilla – MICP
  2. Collector Rhea Gregorio – POM
  3. Collector Edgar Macabeo – NAIA
  4. Collector Elvira Cruz – Cebu
  5. Collector Maritess Martin – Clark
  6. Collector Mimel Talusan – Subic
  7. Collector Reynaldo Galeno – Batangas
  8. Deputy Collector Mel Pascual – POM
  9. Captain Tikoy Guttierez – Enforcement and Security Service, MICP (deceased)

Lacson also named over 40 private individuals whom he described as alleged bribe givers or “players” in the BOC:

  1. Tina Yu
  2. Jerry Yu
  3. Manny Santos
  4. David Tan
  5. Jude Logarta
  6. Eric Yap
  7. Edvic Yap
  8. Ruben Taguba/Mark Taguba
  9. Noel Bonvalin
  10. John Paul Teves
  11. Gerry Teves
  12. Joel Teves
  13. Jan Jan Teves
  14. Ringo Teves
  15. George Tan
  16. Diogenes “Dennis” de Rama
  17. Henry Tan
  18. Bim Castillo
  19. George Wee
  20. Atty Veneer Baquiran
  21. Johnny Sy
  22. Armando “Burog” Tolentino and Ruel Tolentino
  23. “Kimberly” Gamboa
  24. Bobot Sison
  25. Marty Pimentel of Cebu
  26. A certain “Eunice” of Davao
  27. Jun Diamante
  28. Vic Reyes
  29. Gerry Yap
  30. Arnold Saulong
  31. Hope Arnulfo Saulong
  32. Boy Sabater
  33. Nero Andal
  34. Lea Cruz
  35. Aying Acuzar / Eduardo Dio
  36. Rey Tubig
  37. Ruel Sy
  38. Frank Wong
  39. Chi Men
  40. Jen Yu
  41. Grace Bisaya
  42. Arthur Tan
  43. Charlie Tan of Davao Group
  44. Anthony Ng

The “identified collectors/bagmen,” said Lacson, are the following:

  1. Atty Christopher Bolastig through Russel and Estrella, and Atty Genefielle Lagmay for the Office of the Commissioner (OCOMM)
  2. Nanie Koh for Import and Assessment Service (IAS); also included is a certain Lorna Rosario
  3. Joel Pinawin, Ollie Valiente, and Teddy Sagaral for Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service (CIIS)
  4. Atty Larribert Hilario for the Risk Management Office (RMO)/Command Center (COMMCEN)
  5. A certain “Magic” or Major Salamanca for the Enforcement Group (EG)
  6. Bien Rubio, Jerry and Diego Santiago for the Intelligence Group (IG)
  7. Jasmin Obillos for Revenue Collection Monitoring Group (RCMG)
  8. Sia Otto and Roy for Assessment and Operations Coordinating Group
  9. Bien Rubio, for Intellectual Property Rights Division
  10. Atty Tom Tagra for Legal Services
  11. Boy Garcia for Accounts Management Office (AMO)
  12. A certain Mamadra, Bobadilla, and Mamao for the Customs Collector in NAIA
  13. A certain “Hunk” for the Customs Collector in Subic
  14. Efren Ambagan and a certain Guiao for the Customs Collector in Clark
  15. Alfred and Daniel Wagwag for the District Collector, POM
  16. Jun Rapa for the Deputy Collector for Operations, POM
  17. Alex, Atty Mimi Aldave, and Atty Vener Baquiran for the District Collector, MICP
  18. Jayson Calinap for X-ray at MICP
  19. Agama and Junjun Reyes for X-ray at POM
  20. Ordoña and Bundukin with a certain “Ante” as runner for the Enforcement and Security Service (ESS), MICP
  21. Lino Arroyo for the Enforcement and Security Service, POM


Witness Mark Taguba identifies BOC personnel receiving “tara” grease money.

Bureau of Customs personnel identified by witness Mark Taguba as receiving “tara” (grease money)

1. BOC deputy commissioner Teddy Raval, who is under Intelligence Group

2. BOC Intelligence officer Teodoro Sagaral, who is assigned at the Manila International Container Port

3. BOC district collector Vincent Maronilla, also assigned at the MICP

4. A certain Major Gutierrez, who is already deceased

5. BOC director Niel Estrella assigned at the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service

6. BOC director Milo Maestrecampo assigned at the Import and Assessment Service

7. A certain Jayson

a certain Maita from the formal entry division



Duterte appoints ‘Bogart the Explorer’, Baste’s co-host, to MTRCB

President Rodrigo Duterte has appointed comedian Marco Ho also known as Bogart the Explorer and former Iligan City Mayor Franklin Quijano to government posts.

Ho was appointed as a member of the Movie and Television Review and Classification board on July 12.

He hails from Davao City and co-hosts a travel show with presidential son Sebastian “Baste” Duterte.

Quijano received two appointments: as administrator and chief executive officer of the Philippine Veterans Investment Development Corporation-Industrial Authority and as a member of the board of directors of the same institution.

The former Iligan City mayor is also campaigning for a federal form of government. Duterte signed his appointment letter on July 14.



CONSUMER Report: Lucky Me FREE TEXT Promo – No Go!

First time I tried to redeem a FREE Promo especially from a well know company Noodles.

I followed their instructions and entered the code and sent it to 4388.

This is what I get:

“We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later or visit LuckyMe! FB. Per DOH-FDA CFRR Permit No00330 s 2017.”

If you can’t fulfill a promo Lucky Me then stop fooling the public. What a waste of valuable precious time.