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Duterte signals Zamora’s PT&T as third player in telco industry

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Poe urges public to complain vs bad telco and internet service

Senator Grace Poe urged the public on Sunday to air their complaints against the poor service of telecommunications companies (telcos) in the country.

“We deserve good telco service, kaya’t i-share na ang inyong karanasan sa serbisyo ng text, call at internet ninyo (so I urge you to share your experiences on text, call and internet services),” Poe, chair of the Senate committee on public information and mass media, posted on her social media accounts.


The post was instantly viewed and shared by social media users, and generated comments about the inadequate service of the country’s telcos. The complaints of netizens were slow internet service, poor connection, dropped calls, exorbitant charges, and disappearing load, among others.

“It’s a pity hearing the same old complaints about speed, affordability and coverage in the age of fast technology,” the senator said in a statement.

“As a consumer, I can very much relate, and so our united call to the telecommunications companies is to give us our money’s worth and improve your services,” she added.

Despite little or no improvement in their service, Poe said telcos have been raising rates and using creative marketing strategies in guise of promotions.

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Got Tattoos? U.S. Visa Officers Want to Know

Got Tattoos? U.S. Visa Officers Want to Know

An immigrant visa applicant sporting a tattoo may be questioned about it. The presence of tattoos (or evidence of their removal) is noted during the required medical exam. This may lead a consular officer to suspect the applicant has gang affiliations or has abused drugs.


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