Girl Scout stands up to demonstrator at neo-Nazi rally

(CNN)The juxtaposition in the photo is startling: On the left, gesturing angrily, is a right-wing demonstrator sporting black clothes, sunglasses and a shaved head.

On the right, staring right back at him, is a 16-year-old Girl Scout.
An amateur photographer snapped the image Monday at a May Day rally in the Czech Republic, where neo-Nazis and right-wing demonstrators were met with peaceful resistance from counter-protesters.

The photo has been widely shared and has called attention to the Girl Scout, Lucie Myslíková.
“She was standing tall and she’s 16 years old and she stood proud and made some profound arguments,” Vladimir Cicmanec, who took the photo, told CNN.

Cicmanec, a computer programmer and amateur photographer, attended the counter demonstration in the Czech city of Brno.
“We wanted to show the neo-Nazis that they are not welcome here. This year the counter protest was to make fun of and to troll the Nazis,” he said.

Cicmanec said he started snapping pictures after his friend pointed out the exchange between the protester and the Girl Scout.


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