For Justin Bieber, good luck comes in threes

Katy Perry and Lady Gaga can learn a thing or two about the art of reinvention from the “Beliebers'” pop deity. By exploring new musical horizons and engaging in style-reinventing partnerships with hot-to-trot singers and hip-hop luminaries, Justin Bieber has found a more collaborative—and less solitary—way to keep himself sharp and relevant on the pop music scene.

In fact, Bieber’s current chart-topping singles with DJ Khaled, Luis Fonsi and David Guetta are merely felicitous offshoots of the success of his “experiments” with the talented likes of Post Malone (in the sultry-as-heck “Deja Vu”) that keep the 23-year-old recording whiz productive and on fickle music aficionados’…

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