The witches stole the show in this ‘Macbeth’ mashup

The “M” in Artist Playground’s “M Episode” stands for Macbeth, titular character of William Shakespeare’s bloody treatise on naked ambition and greed and the violent lengths it can drive a man to.

In this particular playbill, Macbeth appeared in two back-to-back productions: the aforementioned classic; and James Chalmers’ “Prelude to Macbeth”—a prequel that provided a backstory to the character triad of Duncan, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

In both instances, it wasn’t the protagonist (Paul Jake Paule) or his grasping wife (Jernice Matunan) who stood out, but the witches—performed alternately by Tasha Guerrero, Princess Tuason, Jeremy Cabansag, Kia del Rosario, Marjorie Duldula…

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