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Britain sold spying gear to Philippines despite Duterte’s brutal drugs war

Labour MP says sale of surveillance tools ‘makes UK complicit in deaths of thousands of Filipinos’

The British government sold £150,000 of hi-tech spying equipment to the Philippines, giving President Rodrigo Duterte the tools to hunt down and kill dealers and addicts as part of his brutal war on drugs.

Duterte has admitted authorising the wiretapping of at least two mayors whom he accused of being “narcopoliticians”, including the Ozamiz city mayor, Reynaldo Parojinog.

Parojinog and 14 other people were killed in a police raid on his home last July.

The British Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle, a member of the committees on arms export controls, accused the UK government of enabling Duterte’s violent hunt, “which makes us complicit in the deaths of thousands of Filipinos”.

He added: “This sad case shows that our arms export control regime is broken. The government is failing in its basic legal duty.

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