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Over 1,500 cops, including a general, believed involved in illegal activities


OVER 1,500 policemen including a general is on the Philippine National Police (PNP) Counter Intelligence Task Force (CITF) watch list for their involvement in several illegal activities, a police official said Thursday, March 8. CITF director Senior Superintendent Chiquito Malayo said the officers on the watch list were alleged to be involved in several illegal activities such as extortion, kidnapping, illegal gambling and illegal drugs based on the complaints they received through their hotline.

He said the highest rank among those on the watch list is the one-star general while majority of those are Police Officers 1. Malayo said the one-star general, whom he refused to name, was allegedly involved in illegal gambling and protecting other illegal activities in his area. These allegations are being validated. “I think we received two reports about that personnel (one-star rank). That was in the early months of our operation at hindi pa naman ulit nadugtungan up to this time,” he said.

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