A Powerful Prayer Declaration & Decree for you PHP or Entrepreneurship Business – by Dr. Cindy Trimm

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A Powerful Prayer Declaration & Decree for you PHP or Entrepreneurship Business – by Dr. Cindy Trimm

A Jabez anointing for borderless living

enlarge my territory not only in the

natural but my in intellectual grant me

an expansion and give me the capacity

for growth and development of the the anointing

to be fruitful multiply replenish subdue I

activate the same anointing uh your

manifest itself and create a healthy

lifestyle and to be productive and to

overcome opposing uh hallelujah forces

the anointing of to birth

prophetic hallelujah destinies in the

name of Jesus in his proper time and in

his proper season called the apostolic

and prophetic anointing to converge and

to explode and be manifested in my life

with accuracy of authenticity clarity and

elegance called the Adamic anointing for

agricultural and industry hallelujah and

economy on to come upon us that we

complain hallelujah and we can exist in

a global market with effectiveness in

the name of Jesus give us New Kingdom

technologies give us New Kingdom

strategies in the name of Jesus a

supernatural Claddagh I thank you

because you will bless the works of my

hand to show your self mighty on my


by providing work opportunities

advancements are raises and bonuses of

wisdom and knowledge from understanding

of dividends access and investments

investments investment strategies

benefits and promotions over time

customers and clients

winny ideas business ideas and

strategies advanced intellectual

properties writing abilities bestsellers

and classics theological insight

cutting-edge technologies innovative

goods world class services excellence in


streets inventions lucrative investment

opportunities creative inventions sales

and commissions settlements estates and

inheritance interest and income profits

and increase rebates and return check in

the mail finding money wealth transfers

a royalties receive the real estate a

quiet secret rich as a expansion of

porradasa which ideas rich results are

hidden treasures favor with creditors

increase in finances a bills page that

demolished debts cancelled a success of

purpose revealed expansion of borders no

limits no boundaries of multiple streams

of income prosperity making intellectual

property a favour with creditors an

increase in finances a multiple streams

of income to synergy and synchronization

syncopation supernatural increase and

supply sudden surprises a sudden

sustainable splendor synergistic

relationships divine health and disease

beef a disease-free Paria divine

network’s hookups and connections a 100

fold anointing a momentum about the

times more quantum progress new ways of

living new ways to work spent ejek

positioning unexpected gifts wonderful

surprises are condominiums and contracts

automobiles debt-free living a money to

pay off a mortgage money for the

maintenance of the house

secret riches expansion aboard a favour

and increase in financial cash flow

money management

from time management skills my

management skills crises management

skills change management skills resource

management skills hallelujah I decree

and declare peace and prosperity

mutually beneficial simbiani and

synergistic relationship and a set time

of tomorrow I decree and declare that

even as I fight this battle I recognize

that the battle is problem mine and so I

remind principalities and powers a

familiar spirits that have no right to

touch my life in any way they can’t I

walk in covenant with God I reinforced

in the name of Jesus that I am born

again of the incorruptible seed I am an

ambassador of Christ the light of the

world the salt of the earth

the pride of Christ the Son of God I am

beloved of God I am sealed with the Holy

Spirit of promise I am saved by grace I

am seated in heavenly places in Christ

Jesus I’m a steward of great wealth I’m

a part of royal priesthood I’m a member

of chosen generation redeemed by the

blood for giving up all my sins a new

creature in Christ Jesus the temple of

the Holy Spirit

redeemed from the curse of the law I am

a saint the head and not the tail above

enough that need first and not last the

elect of God established by grace drawn

near to God by the blood of Christ

victorious through Christ set free a

disciple of Christ strong in the Lord

more than a conqueror a joint heir with

Christ accepted in the beloved complete

in him crucified with Christ alive with


free from condemnation reconciled to God

justified by faith qualified to share in

his inheritance firmly rooted build up

established in truth the abounding in

the spirit of Thanksgiving a spiritually


the righteousness of God a partaker of

the vine of His divine nature and ear

according to the promise called a garden

I’m kind the first fruit of his creation

fearfully and wonderfully made the apple

of my father’s eyes healed by the

stripes of Jesus Christ being changed

into his image father from above I am of

God I am filled with the holy spirit I

am God’s workmanship created in Christ


I am built up upon the foundation of the

apostles and the prophets with Jesus

Christ himself

and B as the chief Cornerstone I am

delivered from the power of darkness and

translated into the kingdom of God I am

a fellow citizen with the Saints of the

household of God born of God I’m able to

be touched by the giver 1 I am a

faithful follower of Christ huh I am a

power to be successfully engaged

spiritual warfare and to achieve victory

over all of my enemies I am forgiven of

all my sins a redeemed through the blood

I am blessed with all spiritual

blessings in heavenly places I am a

significant contributing member of the

body of Christ I am chosen of God holy

and blameless before him in love I am

completing Christ i am overtaken with

blessing i am blessed to achieve

national prominence blessed of the city

i am blessed in the field i am blessed

to achieve fullness in all areas of my

life from i am blessed in daily

provision i am blessed and daily

activities i am blessed to be victorious

over my enemies i am blessed as an

entrepreneur i am blessed with seasonal

rain for harvest

i am blessed socially i am less

financially blessed corporately

i am less commercially relationally

interpersonally extra personally

interpersonally familiarly governmental

easy to be article ii behaviorally

biochemically vizier

logically psychologically emotionally

biochemically neurologically

systemically molecularly cellularly

organically spiritually environmentally

climate climatically atmospherically

parentally currently the with the ship

request sir viscerally metabolically

chemically mechanically are or

organizationally clan you’ll only

biologically metabolically hematologic

leave generationally skeletal lean

muscular leave hormonal lee janet

genetically epic epidermic leave

anatomically huh I agree I am healed of

all pathological and pepto genetic

diseases and conditions

I stand to command my morning and decree

it is a new day hallelujah i decree in

declare that a new day is dawning it is

a new day dawning for my ministry for my

relationship for my marriage for my

finances for my life for my business

ventures from my friends it is a new day

that is dawning for my community from my

nation from my environment in the name

of Jesus I am decreed that all things

are passed away behold all things become

new I have a fresh new excitement of a

fresh new mind a fresh new zeal a fresh

new anointing the anointing that is upon

my life is uncontaminated and

uncompromising it flows as free

hallelujah elder do on the mouth of


by this anointing every yoke is broken

off of my life every yoke is destroyed

every burden is lifted up I’m the cream

that I’m rising up in this day with a

fresh anointing the anointing of kala

patthar look at every mountain I can and

mountains to be removed and to be casted

to deceit I decree and declare her I am

gaining new territories new emotional

territories a new intellectual

territories a new business territories a

new spiritual territories a new

relational territories of new

ministerial territories and new

financial territories a father place the

anointing of a worry upon me and every

territorial system that you have

assigned me to confiscate from the enemy

I release the law of dispossession and

every satanic demonic squatter that has

on this land on my property on my

territory I command you to go in Jesus

name lock up the Jesus name I am more

than a conquerer father I ask in Jesus

name release angelic beings that are

assigned to marshal the boundaries of

the terrain and territories that belong

to me cast out satanic demonic squatters

roar against those that were against me

plan against those that fight against me

a pair of banqueting table before me in

the presence of my enemy set my feet on

a path make my feet as hind feet

let the angel of the Lord

his sword and chased them into dark and

dreary places I think of the hair to

protection around my life around my mind

thick in the hedge of protection around

my family around my loved ones around my

home around my business around my

possessions around my associates in the

name of Jesus I release my name and all

that I love her

hallelujah in the end and assigned to me

and love me and I love Tamara those that

are associated with me huh I released

their name into the atmosphere allowed

real warriors to pick us up in the realm

of the Spirit hallelujah reinforcing our

heads our protection of let the prayer

warriors and intercessors a standing

prophetic and intercessor egapp praying

for us prevailing for us father those

that are assigned to us as prayer

warriors are assigned prayer warriors

today imma reinforce every prayer

warrior in the universe refresh them in

the name of Jesus hallelujah

supernatural gotta let the angels that

are assigned to me measure the boundary

and border of new territory gained let

there be no demonic encroachment let

there be no satanic squatters huh in the

name of Jesus I command you get up mark

property in the

name of Jesus get out of here get out of

my sphere of influence I stand in the

authority of Jesus and I decree and

declare I operate within my max Honda

within with freedom and liberty operator

incorrect spiritual protocol in Jesus

name I will run my race with patience

looking unto Jesus the author and

finisher of my faith agreeing and

declaring he which had begun a good work

in me shop a prominent till the day of

Jesus Christ what flavor is he the

calming you also will do it he is able

to do the exceeding abundantly above all

I can ask or think according to the

power that’s working in me right now I

am rising up in Stata the Creator

declaring father you are going to give

me the protocol for my health for my

influencer for my affluence up for

success progress hallelujah for

excellence in the name of Jesus and for

my promotion I embrace the protocol I

don’t resist it but I embrace it I

embrace it and receive it in Jesus name

I decree and declare her hallelujah a

prophetic upgrading of my thoughts my

life and my mind an apostolic upgrading

of my thoughts my life and mine I decree

I have a new kingdom paradigm all the

self-defeating thought patterns I cancel

your Simon in my life Holy Spirit give

me new ways of living uh give me better

strategies upgrade me with Kingdom

technologies and Kingdom methodologies

huh I receive it now I

I’ll have a new refreshed cutting-edge

Kingdom mentality at your word and the

kingdom trailblazer I pioneered New

Territories I am at the top of my game

as you kind chart new courts as a as you

empower me hallelujah I produced new

products new Goods new services a

cutting edge services goods and products

I decree and declare that there will be

no holdups no setbacks no delays no

substitutes how to lose your father I

give you greater as I released this I

decree and declare hallelujah that your

will is doctor and a rising up

hallelujah with boldness with courage

hallelujah with the confirmation that

why you are leave over walls by you I

rock through troops

I declare declare I am fitting I am able

now huh how are we gonna be used by you

huh brother I give you permission to use

me make me a channel of your blessing

make me hallelujah a distributor of

Kingdom welcome in the name of Jesus I

play to you huh nothing will suppress

that which you have placed in me huh

hallelujah and I activate the spirit of

greatness and as I leave my house as I

get out of this car huh as I leave this

building as I leave this territory

hallelujah then when I started and so

father I raised my hand with


to receive the anointing in the name of

Jesus huh I worship you I praise you I

bless you I bless you in the name of

Jesus I join in with the saints of God I

join you with the heavenly hosts I join

in with the heavenly hosts in the name

of Jesus as they worship


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