Koko: Let’s not waste time in debates on God

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Koko: Let’s not waste time in debates on God

SENATOR Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III said that if he were President Rodrigo Duterte he would just focus on solving the countries many problems instead of engaging in a debate about God.

Pimentel believes that when it comes to religion, debates and arguments tend to be endless and not worth the time.

“Sana magpokus na lang sa kaliwa’t kanang patayan, peace and order, economy at iba pang mga plano like Boracay, land reform ‘yan po,” stressed Pimentel.

“Kaya nga sabi ko sayang kung meron mang goodwill na nawawala sa Presidente when he talks about teachings, sayang kasi walang katapusang debate yan. Let the state now concentrate on state concerns,” he added.


READ FROM SOURCE: http://www.journal.com.ph/news/top-stories/koko-let-s-not-waste-time-in-debates-on-god


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