Duterte violates moratorium on anti-Church tirades in just a day

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Duterte violates moratorium on anti-Church tirades in just a day

MANILA, Philippines — A day after agreeing to a moratorium on anti-Church statements, President Rodrigo Duterte warned religious leaders against the pulpit to criticize him as he claimed that his God is not the one worshiped by his critics but the Filipinos who voted for him.

Duterte threatened to “kill” those who use God to hit him and stressed that nobody could impose their views about the Almighty on him.

“There is a separation of power between any Church and state. Huwag mong isali ang Diyos mo doon sa (do not include God in your) platform of your criticism on your attack because when I answer, kapag sinali mo sa issue, sinali mo ang Diyos, p***** i** patayin kita (if you include it in the issue, if you include God, son of a b****, I would kill you),” the president said during a business summit Tuesday in Pampanga.

“I have tried to answer. There is a separation of powers. Why are you f*****g the name of the Lord against me? So if I answer, since your forefront is God, why are you hurt? Because I am now forced to recreate a design of my God who does not do those things,” he added.

Read more at https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2018/07/10/1832344/duterte-violates-moratorium-anti-church-tirades-just-day#SU684aC0GRDsBTZA.99


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