Duterte: ‘Inflation is because of Donald Trump’

AMMAN – President Duterte on Friday blamed the tariffs slapped by United States (US) President Donald Trump on some goods for the record-high inflation in the Philippines as the Filipino leader faces backlash back home for the rising prices of goods.
The Philippines’ headline inflation hit a nine-year record high of 6.4 percent in August, faster than the 2.6 percent recorded in August 2017. It was also faster than the 5.7 percent recorded last July.
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Year-to-date inflation is now at 4.8 percent, beyond the upper-band of the government’s inflation target of 2 to 4 percent, and slightly below the central bank’s revised full-year inflation forecast of 4.9 percent.
Economic managers attributed the  record-high inflation in August to higher electricity, gas, fuels, fish, rice, personal transport, vegetables, and meat prices.

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