Police: No ‘special treatment’ for pro-Duterte blogger Drew Olivar under investigation for ‘bomb threat’

MANILA, Philippines — Metro Manila police on Saturday denied giving “special treatment” to controversial pro-Duterte blogger Drew Olivar, who is under investigation for posting on social media unverified information about an alleged bomb threat.
In a Facebook post that is no longer available, Olivar discouraged people from joining demonstrations related to the 46th anniversary of the declaration of martial law, saying word of a threat as deadly as the 1971 Plaza Miranda bombing was spreading.
Olivar’s post came at a time some colleges and universities in the capital were receiving back-to-back bomb scares.
The National Capital Region Police Office has launched a probe into Olivar’s controversial Facebook post, which generated scathing backlash from netizens.
At a press conference, NCRPO Director Chief Superintendent Guillermo Eleazar — who sat alongside Olivar and Palace Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson — said the embattled blogger “voluntarily” went to the police to submit himself.
Read more at https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2018/09/22/1853734/police-no-special-treatment-pro-duterte-blogger-under-probe-bomb-threat#zGbt21UIPhdhklvc.99

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