WATCH: Roque told people not to vote for ‘self-professed murderer’ Duterte

Way back when, lawyer Harry Roque urged people to oppose Rodrigo Duterte’s presidential candidacy ‘because the right to life is the most important of all’
After netizens unearthed Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque singing praises for Senator Antonio Trillanes IV way back when, netizens resurrected a video of the spokesman telling people not to vote Rodrigo Duterte for president.
The 30-second video shared with Rappler shows Roque speaking at a forum about Ferdinand Marcos’ Martial Law. The video was also uploaded on Facebook page Samasa Kontra Mandarambong.
“Please, I want you to go out and not just vote against him but convince your neighbors and friends that because the right to life is the most important of them all, please do not vote for this murderer, this self-professed murderer,” he told the room.
A member of an audience then stood up and said, “But sir, Duterte is a very charismatic figure and a lot of people like him.”
Roque responded, “Well, Hitler was charismatic and so was Marcos.”

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